Accessories and Upgrade Options

Find links, photos and details about the various accessories and upgrade options for our cycles.


  1. Alignment Gauge
  2. Bike Rack
  3. Chain Guard
  4. Chain Tension Idler
  5. Click Straps
  6. Crutch Holder Strap
  7. Cordless Computer
  8. Drafting Bumper
  9. Extra Steering Dampener
  10. Front Safety Light
  11. Hook Loop Safety Strap
  12. Leg guard attachment is recommended in case of absent leg sensation
  13. Leg Support, Amputee
  14. Indoor Stationary Training Roller
  15. Rear Safety Light
  16. Rear View Mirror
  17. Road Crown Compensator
  18. Safety Flag
  19. Top End Shirts: Gray T-Shirt, Yellow T-Shirt, Gray Tank Top
  20. Sportscrafter Mini Roller
  21. Tool & Tire Repair Kit: includes 22 tools in 1, a unique 3 piece design plus tire patch kit, CO2 tire inflators; tire changing tools and zippered tool bag.
  22. Tow bar for wheelchair
  23. Water Bottle & Cage
  24. Wheel Alignment Gauge
  25. Wheel Bag



The standard chain ring set of 48-39-24 will allow you to conquer almost any terrain. While the 53-39-28 will provide more gears allowing a faster speed on downhills, it in turn has fewer low gears for hilly terrain. The 53-39-28 is good for competitive cyclists or those who will be cycling on mostly flat terrain, whereas the standard 48-39-24 is great for cyclists needing an all-terrain chainring.


Small 1 ½” vs. Medium 1 ¾” vs. Large 2 ¼” ovalized standard handpedals – handpedal size is the largest diameter of the handpedal. To see diagram, click here.

Power plates for handpedals are a welded crescent piece of flat aluminum plate that assists with powering through revolutions per crank. To see image, click here.

Quad Cuff Handpedals with Power Plates include top and bottom power plates to assist through both the up and down stroke crank rotation, adjustable metal quad cuffs and straps that bolt through top power plate and use hook/loop fastener to attach to quad cuff.

Quad Grips Handpedals include quad wraps and a wrist activated shifter system, elbow activated braking and combine the tri-pin and the quad cuff power plate design used by many quadriplegics and include quad wraps to prevent chaffing plus 3” crank width extensions to maximize arm power.

Tri-pin quad handpedals offer a 3-point contact, (the same as are used in driving a car) and allow the rider to get on/off handles independently, as to change gears, etc. and are compatible with the standard crankset.


Mountain Drive works like a transmission to gear "down" for climbing hills so that there are 7 climbing gears and 7 regular gears. This option doubles of the number of gears making it a great option for customers with limited hand function and strength. Cannot change gears under load. Click here for another pic of mountain drive transmission.

V-Crank Upgrade provides V-cranks that are wider, typically 175mm-180mm long and 20” wide for athletes that need maximum clearance. Customer installation required. V-Crank Assembly instructions found here (URL is case sensitive):


S-Crank and V-Crank mm and widths: To choose the width for the crank, consider the end user's shoulder width. The width is measured horizontally center to center to the point at the middle of the handpedal. Length of crank set depends on the length of the arms. The length is measured perpendicular from the center of the crank to the center of the handpedal spindle.

V-Crank arms are the standard crank arms that come with your handcycle. V cranks position the hand pedals at a more narrow width than S cranks, and provide less clearance with the user's torso and legs. 

S-Crank arms are designed for people who need wider crank arms to clear their chest, or people who prefer a much wider arm width. S Cranks are recommended for positioning the hand pedals at shoulder width or larger. S Cranks provide the most clearance with the user's torso and legs.

V-Crank Cross Country Off-Road adaptations are available for those want more climbing gears.

Crank width adaptors are good for spacing out handpedals for more clearance.


Trigger Shifting vs Grip/Twist Shifting - Grip shift is operated by rotating the grip mounted on either the right or left handle. Super light. Shifts quickly and accurately, Preferred by most riders. Trigger shifting is thumb and forefinger operated. Super light-weight, high quality components. A great choice for those who want low weight and do not like the grip shift.

Quad Twist Shifter – A three-pronged adaptation secured around the twist shifter that is recommended for customers with limited hand function.


24” Cruiser vs 26” High Performance vs 26” Carbon wheels:

Some of the differences in wheels includes wheel size (24” vs 26”), rim composition (alloy rims vs. carbon rims), tire type (high pressure performance vs. cruiser tires) and psi rating (100 psi vs 40 psi).

Knobby Tire Set can be used on hard pack, mud or loose sand.