Assembly Guide

Handcycle Assembly Guide

Most cycles are shipped to your door 85% preassembled. Handcycle assembly is generally simple, and can take as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour, and most only require rear wheels, accessories and upgrade options be installed. Some handcycles also have the option for the product to arrive factory assembled (this option will be present on the product's page as an option to select).

Please be sure to read your product's manufacturer's warranty terms as some cycle manufacturers require proof of professional assembly.

Please note that each handcycle brand varies in assembly.

You can find owner's manuals within the "Description" tab under "Specs" on each product's page.

Some products and orders qualify for Professional Assembly by your local bike shop. Learn more here: Professional E-Bike Assembly.

Also, you can contact us at with any questions. Thank you!

Please make sure that the product you are ordering is the correct size for you before you place your order. Still have questions? Send us a message via the chat, or email:

*If the size of product you order is the incorrect size, then the standard return policy will apply, which means your product may not qualify for a return or you’ll be liable for return shipping costs, initial shipping costs if the product was shipped free, and possibly a 15-30% restock fee.